concert to support the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

The initial idea behind the project was sharing music and joy to people’s homes, to overcome together the challenge we have found ourselves in worldwide due to the virus spreading and when Bravo Niagara! approached me and asked to collaborate on a live-stream performance of the Vivaldi Four Violins Concerto, I was delighted to accept.

However, I thought this initiative should also find a way to support the people who are in an extreme crisis in this tough time, and that’s why we started conversations with the UN Refugee Agency. We found a quick and enthusiastic collaboration in their representatives, and after a few conversations, the United in Music project got a new purpose: I believe that one should always nurture solidarity and empathy through everything that we do, and we musicians do it through playing music.

With this project, we encourage you to help us to raise funds for the Refugee Camps to help fight against COVID-19. Beyond the artistic result because of a difficult “set up” from home, we aim to help

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A full project with a serie of exhibitions, concerts, conferences, and educational programs exploring the story of music and art in the face of oppression. 


During the concert, the musicians perform on unique violins that share a common destiny with the Jewish People. The violins were found almost totally destroyed, in the silence of hell, in liberated camps and empty Ghettos, at the end of the Second World War.


One by one, the violins have been brought back to life by the Master Luthier Amnon Weinstein and now they contribute to spread a message of Hope and Peace.


"Ever since the Holocaust (when the Jewish culture was eradicated), silent and dusty violins, bearing the Star of David have been resurrected and a manifestation of their lives have been renovated. A Jewish violinist has disappeared but a legacy has been reborn. "


 Amnom Weinstein (Master Luthier))


Cleveland VOH Amnon Weinstein

Cleveland VOH Amnon Weinstein

Cleveland VOH Shlomo Mintz 2

Cleveland VOH Shlomo Mintz 2

Violins of Hope photos by

Lucille Reyboz & Chab Lathioin

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Online programs 2020

Online Programs 2020

Singapore Violin Festival

  • one-on-one lesson with a professor and their assistant 

  • One-on-one lesson with a professor’s assistant, going through details discussed in the lesson, ensuring the student grasps the information and techniques

  • Provision of a professional accompanist recording, upon request

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